5 Reasons You Should Compete in a Venison Cook-Off

Here at YES Program HQ, we are firm believers in giving out prizes. Lots of prizes. Which is why we have FIVE incredible prizes for the winners of the YES to Venison Cook-Off. Check it out:

1. An Engraved Grill Set. The winner of the Steak/Fillet category will go home with an engraved grill set that will let everyone know who the venison steak champion is!

2. A Gift Certificate to The Cellar Restaurant. Steaks and fillets not your favorite way to eat venison? No worries! The winner of the Stews/Chilis category will get a gift certificate to The Cellar Restaurant in Owego. After all that hard work making the best venison stew in the county, it will be a well-deserved night out.

3. Couples Membership at the Tioga County Sportsmen’s Association. Maybe you’re more of a venison sausage/jerky person… Perfect! We have the category for you! Win in this category, and you get a one year couple’s membership to the Tioga County Sportsmen’s Association!

4. A Tanned Deer Skin. Is your best venison dish sure to be a crowd pleaser? The People’s Choice Award is a Native-Tanned Deer Skin, donated by one of our YES Mentors.

And now… for the Grand Prize…

5. A Gift Certificate for Mountain Man Taxidermy. If our panel of judges decide that your venison dish tops them all, you get a gift certificate to Mountain Man Taxidermy!

With so many great prizes, don’t you think it’s time to fill out the Registration Form?


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